A Thinking Ape

We Build Seriously Engaging Mobile Products

A Thinking Ape is a small yet driven team that is dedicated to building strong mobile communities.

With our collaborative approach to product design, we ensure the best ideas get the space they need to grow.

Our team seeks out intuitive solutions to complex problems, and maintains strong ties to our hacker culture.

Our Values

We encourage everyone to think like an owner and give ideas the space they need to grow.
Hacker Culture
We find innovative ways to get things done.
Grow & Evolve
We try new things, and always find fresh ways of looking at old concepts.
Data-Driven Decisions
We drive decisions based on data which allows us to support a culture of meritocracy.


Wilkins Chung previously worked as a software development manager and software engineer at Amazon where he focused on scalability solutions. Wilkins graduated from University of Waterloo in Computer Engineering.
Kenshi Arasaki worked on special initiatives as a software engineer at Amazon before leaving to start A Thinking Ape in the Bay Area. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.
Eric Diep studied math at the University of Waterloo. He spent considerable time in San Francisco and was one of the first independent developers to gain traction on the Facebook platform.

Investors & Press

A Thinking Ape has received funding from Y Combinator and raised an angel round of funding with a group of prominent Valley angels who have also invested in Twitter, Posterous, and Tesla Motors.